Wild Geranium 1 spring ephemeral flower health ecosystem

Wild Geranium – Geranium maculatum

Ozark Koala Ecosystem Services is a land management company that provides both consulting and implementation services. Generally, consulting consists of an open conversation with customers about their management goals. We provide the expertise to educate customers about all of their options to assist them in making  informed decisions. During implementation, our trained staff takes over and the transformation of your land begins. From prescribed fire, to invasive species removal, you will be amazed at the positive changes to your property. As always, the Ozark Koala staff prides themselves on customer service and production of quality work.

Indian Pink woodland restoration Land Management Consulting

Indian Pink – Spigelia marilandica

Many private landowners, government agencies, and other organizations may lack the work force, equipment, and/or know-how to perform desired land management projects. Instead of hiring numerous seasonal workers, many chose to hire Ozark Koala to complete their management duties. Our customers often find that this approach saves them a significant amount of money long-term. Some of our satisfied customers include Illinois Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy, and Green Earth in Carbondale, IL.  At Ozark Koala Ecosystem Services, we specialize in providing the expertise and staff necessary to complete projects in a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly manner.